Barrelief Sun Gate
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About the Art Object "Superheroes Sun Gate"
The bas-relief with an urban landscape depicts the symbolic union of two countries and cultures, Russia and the United Arab Emirates.

In the background, the Kremlin and Burj Khalifa majestically rise, while in the foreground, the superheroine Zarya stands as a symbol of harmony and unity. Her figure, prominently displayed against the magnificent buildings, reminds us that strength and beauty can be found everywhere, and that different cultures and countries can unite in one world. This bas-relief emphasizes that each of us is a superhero capable of overcoming any challenges and transforming the world around us.

Her appearance against the united symbols of the two countries signifies the unity of diverse cultures in the modern world. Zarya embodies the idea that with every action of powerful individuals, the future of the world becomes brighter and more harmonious, despite geographical or cultural differences.
Created on June 20, 2024
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