Barrelief The Family Tree of Happiness
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About the Art Object "The Family Tree of Happiness"
The bas-relief depicts an elegant family tree, with its roots nourished by water, and its branches extending upwards, forming a sturdy support for the animals perched on them. The tree is framed by water filled with fish, symbolizing abundance and the richness of life. Various animals sit on the branches of the tree, representing different generations and family members, each one providing support and strength to each other. The water surrounding the tree, teeming with fish, symbolizes abundance and the richness of life, as well as protection and nourishment for the family. The bas-relief is executed in a realistic style, with intricate details and textures, creating a sense of a vibrant and dynamic composition. Additionally, the bas-relief features other symbols: The branches of the tree are adorned with leaves, symbolizing health and prosperity. On the other side of the tree, the branches are entwined with grapevines, symbolizing wealth and abundance. The water around the tree symbolizes the purity and sincerity of the family. "The Family Tree of Happiness" is a bas-relief of love, unity, and family happiness, as well as the abundance and richness of life.
Created on Jule 10, 2024
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