Hi I'm Leonid Kim
We are glad to meet you at Dubai Design Week. We are open to cooperation.

You have a mini copy of my art object Dragon in your hands.

Let me tell you the story of this artwork's creation.
When several of our ideas appear in one project, I have a desire to weave them into a common story. I like to see art objects come to life in space.

There is something childlike about these fairy tale plots.
Narratives are a value that I will never give up. With the help of the works of our studio, the direction of the space is built.

So the viewer feels the community of art and plunges into the world of art.

Together with the team, I have always strived to create not just beautiful objects, but also a real fairy tale with relevant meanings.
Clients often share their guests' reactions to our art and always note the unity of the studio decor. The different bas-reliefs create a narrative that tells the story of the room. Each 'viewer' will find their own fairy tale in the decor.
For example, I have harmoniously integrated the “Dragon“ panel into the story of the Matterhorn. The projects are in the same interior and together they form a bundle: a dragon sits behind a mighty mountain.
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You can always peek at the work process on your project, in person or by requesting any visual materials. We love to share openelly every stage of creation with you and stay in touch.
We have gathered our own team of professionals, from skilled artists ans skulptors to experienced managers and installation specialists, freeing you from any bother to the moment of getting your art object. In addition, we constantly make friendly connections with dozens of designers and architects we are working with.
Perfectionism and attention to details are the synonims to our bas-reliefs. Every project keeps supervised by Leonid Kim until it’s fully polished. Afterwards, we provide you a 1 year technical warranty for the artwork to be tested through all seasons.
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I help people through art to open up in the spaces
in which they live and work
Leonid Kim
founder of the studio
We do art.
No matter how pathetic it sounds.
Any of our objects — a panel, an entrance group, a ceiling socket, a facade molding — is an object of art. We create meanings, put aesthetics first and strictly adhere to the high standards of academic sculpture.
With this approach, one simple installation allows us to remain a commercially successful business: the customer is our co-author.

We painstakingly and thoroughly collect the cultural code of each client and create objects for him and for him. Accurate hits to taste and expectations are not magic and not a miracle.

This is a serious study that we are conducting at the briefing stage.

Exactly the same logic works for commercial facilities and public spaces.
Let's create next level interiors which will stand out by the thoughtful decor in the form of art piece. It’s a nice opportunity to improve your portfolio and increase your income.